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Vision Quote of the Day

Pierre Omidyar

Founder and Chairman, eBay

The most important thing of eBay is the human side now. At the beginning I didn't get that. For me it was an experiment. It was like I said, I wanted to create an efficient market where individuals could benefit from participating in an efficient market, kind of level the playing field. And I thought, "Gee, the Internet, the web, it's perfect for this." This is more of an intellectual pursuit, you know, than anything else. It was just an idea that I had, and I started it as an experiment, as a side hobby basically, while I had my day job. And it just kind of grew. Within six months it was earning revenue that was paying my costs. Within nine months the revenue was more than I was making on my day job, and that's kind of when the light bulb went off. "Knock, knock, knock. You've got a business here, do something about it." So that's when that really started.
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