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Vision Quote of the Day

Paul Farmer

Founder, Partners in Health

We knew that these were transnational epidemics, transregional, globalized epidemics. The same is true for lots of other pathogens. We knew that, but the question was, "How could we be effective?" And the way that we got started was working with the Open Society Institute, which George Soros founded. And then the Gates Foundation, in one of their first major delivery grants, started supporting our work in Peru. And we went back and said, "Look, you know, there's a very big problem in Russia as well. Do you think we could help there?" So we ended up re-formulating our support for the Peru project, to support Peru and Russia, to really scale it up in Russia. So yes, in a way that was an acknowledgement of what we always knew to be a globalized problem. How could it be otherwise? it's an airborne disease, so it's going to spread, globally, just like swine flu or SARS.
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