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Preparation Quote of the Day

Willie Mays

Baseball Hall of Fame

Piper and I would sit on the bench and he'd say, "This guy is going to knock you down. Don't worry about it," he said. "He's trying to scare you." He'd say, "This guy hits this way." He and I had a sign. His sign was behind his back, only with the hand, again, left or right. That's the way the guy's going to pitch. Because he was the manager and he used to call almost all the pitches, so he knew exactly what to do. So, Piper had the first influence on me to be patient and to learn because I wasn't old enough to understand about playing with guys that were 25. Some was older, some pushed their age back, so they might have been older than what I'm saying, but they was all grown. I'm out there by myself. I'm probably the youngest of all the teams around the league I'm talking about.
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