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Preparation Quote of the Day

Paul Nitze

Presidential Medal of Freedom

Paul Nitze: Mr. Clarence Dillon, who was my first real boss on Wall Street, was the most brilliant man I've ever worked with or for. I think he had an extremely intelligent mind, and I learned a great deal about analyzing situations. Well, the main lesson that I learned from him was that there was a contrast between analyzing a situation, and then doing something about it. Those were two different worlds. When you are analyzing something, you want to be coldly objective. You want to try to find the facts, find everybody's advice about it. Look at it without prior bias of any kind. But, then once you'd made up your mind, what needed to be done, then you wanted to change your personality. You didn't want to be disturbed by re-thinking it, you wanted to act. And, you want to act decisively, and produce the intended result without deviation, and only if you got way off, if it turned out that you were way wrong, did you want to reconsider what you had made your decision on.
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