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Preparation Quote of the Day

Mike Wallace

CBS News Correspondent

I think it was WASH until noon and WOOD until midnight or something of that sort. It was part of the Michigan Radio Network back then. That gave me an opportunity. Truly, you could do everything in the world. You could do news. You could do sports, not play-by-play, but color and quiz broadcasts. When people talk to me about what they should do, that's the way, even today, I think that some young individual who wants to go into broadcasting should start. First of all, forget about communication school or journalism school to begin with. If you want to go to journalism school, fine. Wait until you finish college and had a good LS&A background, literature, science and the arts background. Know your economics, know your history, know your political science and write. Then you can learn your trade, so to speak, in television or radio simply by doing, starting out as an intern and learning how to do everything, but you've to do that in a small market so that you have an opportunity to be bad before you are good and nobody is going to throw you out of a job.
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