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Preparation Quote of the Day

Jessye Norman

Legendary Opera Soprano

It could be very easy to ruin a young voice by having training in singing too soon, particularly for women. Those muscles on the middle of our bodies that actually support singing are still very much developing when we are teenagers. And if we go to those classes, which, of course, are proliferating all over the world now, because kids think if they can just sing on television and be heard by the right person they'll have a record deal, as it were, sort of overnight. That isn't the way life works. Not real life. That's the way life works on television. It really is so important not to try to use those muscles before they are fully developed, because if you do that, the tendency is to use muscles in the neck, and muscles that are not there for that. Those muscles are there for chewing, absolutely. And I'm sure that you have noticed, as well, that one can see rather young singers that participate and the jaw shakes. That's because the emphasis is being put on the wrong muscles, and they probably started doing it much too early, because these muscles were not developed so the body uses whatever there is.
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