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Perseverance Quote of the Day

Robert Strauss

Presidential Medal of Freedom

I said, "There is one thing I want," and he said, "What's that?" I said, "Well, when you start appointing those judges and filling these commissions and when people out of the Dallas establishment come to call on you, just listen to them and say, 'Well, I've got your suggestions now, and I'm certainly going to consider them, and I'll discuss it with Bob Strauss the first chance I get, and you'll hear from him or me." And he started laughing, and he said, "Are you kidding?" And I said, "That's all I want, John. Just say, 'Well, I want to discuss it with Strauss.'" Of course, nothing could have pleased me more, and I was so vain, anyway, about it and annoyed with them for ten years or more of what I thought was neglect or abuse or whatever you'd call it. They really were nice people, they just didn't care for me. It wasn't mutual. I was ready to join the crowd, but the crowd didn't want me, to be very blunt about it. But Connally did that a couple times, and that's all I needed, and I liked it. It made the whole thing worthwhile.
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