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Perseverance Quote of the Day

Frank Johnson

Presidential Medal of Freedom

A lawyer who has practiced law for a long time that tells you he's never lost a case is lying to you. You don't win all your cases, because you don't make the facts. You can't tell how jurors are going to decide cases. Sometimes you can't tell how a judge will decide a case. So if you practice law any length of time, you will win some and lose some. You get a lot of satisfaction out of winning, but you look to your next case when you lose one. You shouldn't feel bad about losing it if you do the best you can with what you have. If you goof up, and don't do the best you can, then it's time you backed up and evaluated yourself and what you are doing. But if you practice law, you don't win all cases. The best surgeons in the country lose patients.
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