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Perseverance Quote of the Day

Barry Marshall

Nobel Prize in Medicine

We had an experiment that was funded where we would have little baby piglets and we would give them some helicobacter each week. Then, a week later, we would do an endoscopy on them to see if the bacteria were causing any inflation in the stomach. Now piglets grow like you wouldn't believe. In the Midwest, people know how quickly they grow. So after three months of this experiment, I had 70-pound pigs that I was wrestling each week trying to do an endoscopy on, and it was a big mess, and the bacteria didn't take. Whenever I presented my work, the skeptics would get up and say, "Well, Dr. Marshall, that's all very nice, but let's face it. You know, people with ulcers have got such a disturbed physiology in their stomach, and these bacteria are so common, that they must just be harmless, and they're just colonizing the people with the ulcers." So I had to prove that the bacteria could infect a normal, healthy animal, cause the disease. Then I had to fish the bacteria up afterwards.
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