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Perseverance Quote of the Day

Gore Vidal

National Book Award

Gore Vidal: My father was a great influence. He was a real jock. He was an all-American football player, a quarterback at West Point, part of the great winning team of 1917. He was captain of the team. I was the mascot. They lost the game to Navy. Nobody's perfect. But his character was a great stimulus to me. Athletes who do everything easily -- and he got a silver medal for the decathlon at the Olympic games in Antwerp in 1924 -- great athletes are very serene. They have to be. I remember he said -- he wasn't talking to me because I was not interested in athletics -- but he was talking to somebody, and he said, "Well, never look back." In other words, if you've missed a shot at tennis, never think about it again, go right on to the next one. And this was terribly good advice about life's hazardous ways, so I took that seriously.
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