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Passion Quote of the Day

Carol Burnett

Television Hall of Fame

I wanted to major in journalism, but I got there and there was no major for journalism, but I took a journalism class and I joined the Daily Bruin. So I was looking through all of the books and the catalogues and stuff, and there was a major called Theater Arts/English, which meant I could take the playwriting courses and so forth. So I made that my major. And in doing so as a freshman, if you majored in Theater Arts/English or anything, you had to take an acting course, 1A. You had to take scenery, you had to take costumes, you had to take lighting, you had to take sound, and all the English courses and everything else. So I had to take this acting course. I got into it and I was terrified, so I picked a scene to do with one of my classmates that I thought would be easy and we did it. And it was a comedy scene, and I heard the laughs, and I thought, "This is it. I want to, the rest of my life, make people laugh." So that's what happened. It was out of the blue.
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