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Passion Quote of the Day

Thomas Starzl

Father of Modern Transplantation

There was a doctor named Wendell Downing whose son became a doctor and practiced -- probably still does -- in Des Moines, Iowa. But the older Dr. Downing, recognizing that I was interested in medicine and in surgery, invited me to come and watch operations, which I did, and observed operations that today are rarely done, like radical mastectomy for cancer of the breast and other operations. He taught me some details of anatomy that always stuck. It was always easy to remember the long thoracic nerve of Bell, because that was a nerve which one tried hard to preserve doing a radical mastectomy. So I spent quite a bit of time in the operating room, just watching surgery. I remember at first they were quite concerned that I might keel over and faint at the first sight of blood, but it didn't bother me.
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