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Integrity Quote of the Day

Herschel Walker

All-American Football Player

I never knew what the Heisman trophy was. I was one of the first freshman ever to be nominated for the Heisman. My sophomore year they said I should have won, and in my junior year I ended up winning. I never knew what the Heisman trophy was. I knew it meant something big, but I never really knew. And when I won it, it meant that I was the best college athlete. But I was ashamed because there are so many good athletes out there and, for me to be singled out, I was sort of ashamed. But yet, after I won the award, I said now this is going to be an inspiration for me, to stand out, for all the guys that didn't get a chance to win it. Continue to go out there and work hard so they can say, you know, that's the guy that won it.
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