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Integrity Quote of the Day

James Thomson

Father of Stem Cell Research

I had to do a lot of soul searching about whether this was something I wanted to do. It's actually a fairly complex issue, but what it comes down to for me is fairly simple, is that the way in vitro fertilization is currently practiced, embryos are made that the couples ultimately don't want. And sometimes because they've had the family that they want, or whatever reason, and they have to come to a personal decision of what to do with those embryos. In our case, they had the option to donate to some other couples if they wanted to attempt to have babies. They could simply discard them, or they could donate them to research if they want, through this consent process. So for the embryos we use, they would simply have been thrown out had not they been used for this research. And for me it would be a better thing to do that than to simply throw them out, since there is a great deal of value to doing this research.
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