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Integrity Quote of the Day

Louis Ignarro

Nobel Prize in Medicine

Louis Ignarro: Oh yes. You have to have trust in yourself, and you have to be -- what I found that in this profession -- now, I'm not saying other professions are not. What I'm saying is that in this research profession you have to be incredibly honest to yourself and to others because you're after the truth. I think that a lot of people who conduct research, if the experiments don't work and don't work and don't work and their jobs become at risk, they maybe tend to stretch the data. I don't mean falsify. No, no, no, no. I mean they may interpret things a little differently just to get a publication. I never did that to myself. I mean, there are many times where we had volumes of data which I would not even write up for a publication because it didn't make sense. And as the years went by, I could fill in those missing gaps. I would take out that manuscript. I'd put in the missing data, publish it, and there it was. So you have to be very careful, and you have to be brutally honest to yourself. Absolutely.
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