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Courage Quote of the Day

Linda Buck

Nobel Prize in Medicine

Linda Buck: It wasn't as if I stood back and thought, "What's the most important thing?" I remember when I started graduate school that I did survey what was around me and decide what was the most important thing -- I thought -- to do. I think that that was in the backdrop, that I wanted to do something important. But I don't remember thinking, "This is an important thing! This is an important thing!" I might have done that, but I was always interested in taking on very challenging problems, and ones that I thought were important. I was never interested in taking small steps and adding bricks. I was always attracted to the bigger questions, and the challenges didn't bother me. This was actually a very high-risk project, and in retrospect, it was potentially suicidal. I didn't have to find the receptors. I mean potentially suicidal in terms of a career. But actually, that didn't matter to me at that time.
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