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Courage Quote of the Day

Ted Turner

Founder, Cable News Network

Ted Turner: When I made the decision to do it, about a year before it went on the air, there was no question in my mind. Now the only question was: Would I run out of resources before it turned the corner? There was no way I could know about that until I went ahead and did it, because I didn't have enough capital to see it through. But in my study of history, Erwin Rommel in the desert never had enough petrol for his offensives against the British to finish them. He had to depend on capturing fuel supplies from the British by attacking so quickly and catching them off guard that they would retreat and leave some petrol for him to finish. It was dicey, and it didn't always work, but I knew that was what I was going to have to do. I was going to have to hit hard and move incredibly fast. And that's what we did: moved so fast that the networks wouldn't have time to respond, because they should have done this, not me, but they didn't have any imagination, or didn't have adequate imagination.
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