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Courage Quote of the Day

Johnny Mathis

Grammy Hall of Fame

I met some wonderful people in the hospital who said, "Well, are you taking anything?" Because when I didn't sing, I wouldn't take the medication. I wouldn't take the medication that he gave me. So I would have withdrawals, and I ended up in the hospital. But fortunately, I understood how devastating it was for me, when it took me, I don't know, maybe a month or two to get that out of my life. And then I also went through Alcoholics Anonymous, because I thought I was drinking too much and I thought it was I was embarrassed. But I had people who loved me and said, "Well, don't be embarrassed. Do something about it!" And I said, "What'll I do?" and they said, "Do this," and they sent me to people who helped me and got me off the booze. Maybe the only things that really could have ruined me. And it was all because of the input of other people. You can't do anything by yourself. Everything is a matter of who you surround yourself with.
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