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The American Dream Quote of the Day

John Updike

Two Pulitzer Prizes for Fiction

"Well, why not tell what happened and bring Rabbit back." This was during the late '60s, when there was a lot of turmoil in America, and so I brought him back this time as kind of an everyman who is witnessing the pageant of protest and disturbance, distress, drug use, everything, almost everything was in that book, including the moon shot. In fact, the moon shot is kind of a central event in it, so that the Rabbit who came back the second time was a much more purposefully representative American than my initial Rabbit. He was just, you know, a high school athlete who had no where much to go after he graduated, whereas the second Rabbit was kind of a growing man trying to learn in a way. I've always seen Rabbit, and indeed Americans in general, as learners, as willing to learn. They may be slow to learn, but there is an openness to our mind set that I think enables us to overcome our mistakes or our prejudices and move forward. Certainly the world now is so much more open. I mean, it is easy to be sentimental about the '30s and '40s and the war time solidarity and all that, but there was so much racism, sexism, everything. It was a brutal world compared to the one we're trying to make now.
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