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The American Dream Quote of the Day

Dan Rather

Broadcast Journalist

Dan Rather: The American Dream to me is freedom. It begins with freedom. It's the freedom to dream. The American Dream is the freedom to dream. The American Dream is being free to pursue the life you want to pursue. Not what somebody else may have in mind for you. Now once you go beyond the fundamental fact of the American Dream is freedom, it's the freedom to be, to dream, to pursue whatever you want to pursue. It takes different forms. It begins with sweet liberty, dreams of freedom, but it continues with such things as work and wealth, dream to pursue a career, to dream to be a journalist, be one. It's also to dream of fame and fortune if that's what you want to do, to dream of service, to be of service to other people. The point is that what makes America a new thing in history is the dedication to both the idea and the ideal that we can have a constitutional republic based on the principle of democracy. It's multi-religious, multi-ethnic, there's tremendous diversity, at the same time have enough unity to ensure that to the maximum degree humanly possible everyone has the freedom to pursue their own dreams. That's the American Dream.
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