Gray’s Anatomy

By Henry Gray

Words from the achiever

“I was interested in biology. So I would go out and I would look for small animals that had just died and I would dissect them to see what was on the inside. That drove my mother absolutely crazy. My dad had no problem with that whatsoever. I recognized early on that if you look at the inside, for example, of a squirrel, you just open the abdomen, and if you look at the inside, it looks exactly like that of a human. How did I know that? Because I went to the library and got out a book, Gray’s Anatomy, on human anatomy, and I would open that up, and I would say, “Look, Mom, here’s the esophagus. Here’s the stomach. Here’s the small intestine. It’s the same.” Eventually she knew I wasn’t going to stop doing this and she paid more attention.”

About the book

The world’s most famous medical textbook, celebrated for its detailed illustrations of all the visible systems of the human body.