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Fritz Scholder

Native American Artist

I truly believe the artist must be an intellectual. Painting is a renaissance activity. In a way, it shouldn't even be happening, and yet I say that tongue in cheek. Painting today is probably even more important than ever before, but the artist really must have something to say, about whatever subject, because every subject is a cliché. We all are so sophisticated, and especially visually. We've seen thousands of apples, or women, or cats, or dogs, and so the challenge to the painter is great to still come up with something different. And yet, it's more than just an intellectual or aesthetic kind of game. It goes right to the core. Because the two things that every society has had from the beginning is, of course, religion and art.
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Robert Schuller

Crystal Cathedral

Robert Schuller: I was four years and 11 months old. My mother's brother, who was a Princeton graduate, came home from years of working in China, met me, ruffled my hair, and said, "So you're Robert are you? You are going to be a preacher when you grow up." I said, "Oh, thank you, Uncle Henry." And, I took it as a divine declaration. It wasn't a question. It was a prophetic statement, and I bought it, hook, line and sinker.
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Robert Schuller

Crystal Cathedral

Up until my work, I think, the history of theology would say that Christian theology taught that sin is a free choice that we make to rebel against God. And, I did not accept that. It did not make sense. I said, "Why would intelligent people -- educated people, smart people -- rebel against a God that we say, loves us? It doesn't make sense." So that led me to a theology of self esteem and more arrows in the back. You can tell who the leader is; he's got the arrows in the back.
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Richard Schultes

The Father of Modern Ethnobotany

And, the professor had put out on a bookshelf over there, six books. He said, "Instead of a laboratory, this week I want you to read one of these books." I must have been very busy, so I flew over and I picked out the smallest book. That book changed my life. It was written by a physiological psychologist, Heinrick Kluver, on the peyote cactus. I got so excited about this, this beautifully written book that I went to Professor Ames, and I said, "Do you think I could write my undergraduate thesis -- we have to have for honors an undergraduate thesis here -- on peyote?" I had made a report on that book, and I said, "This is what I want to go into."
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