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Carol Burnett

Television Hall of Fame

I wanted to go to college, and I had good grades in high school, and I had enough good grades to get me into UCLA. And Nanny said, "We can't afford it." Our rent was $30 a month. She had a fit when they raised it to a dollar a day! And the tuition at that time, back in the covered wagon days, was $43. We didn't have the money. She said, "Well now, you should go to Woodbury College," a secretarial school, "so you can become a secretary and then someday nab the boss." She always said you're only as good as the guy you marry. That's why she did six times. Anyway, I said, "No, I really know I'm going to go to UCLA." I knew it, I saw myself on campus. It wasn't that I was hoping for it or wishing or praying, I said, "No, it's going to happen, I just don't know how." Well, this one morning it was my chore when I got up in the morning to look out into the lobby, our room faced the lobby, and there were these pigeonhole mailboxes. And I could tell if we had a letter in one of those and I would run out in my robe. And this one morning there was a letter in our slot. I got it, it had my name typewritten on it and address, and it even had a stamp, but it hadn't been mailed, it hadn't been cancelled. Somebody had just stamped it and put it in the mailbox. I opened it up, and out came a $50 bill. I swear to this day I don't know who gave it to me. Nobody we knew had that kind of money. My grandmother didn't, or she would have said, "Look what I am doing for you." Nobody in our building, everybody was on relief. That was my tuition, so I got to go to UCLA.
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George H.W. Bush

41st President of the United States

George H.W. Bush: Vision is an interesting word. I'm the President that the national press corps felt had no vision, and yet I worked for a more peaceful world. And we did something to say to a totalitarian dictator in Iraq, you're not going to take over your neighboring country. There's a vision there, which was peace. So, I'm a little defensive in the use of the word. Because I think the pundits had it down that I had no vision, but I did. You need a vision, you need a central core. You need to say, "Here's what I'm going to try to do to make life better for others."
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Susan Butcher

Champion Dog-Sled Racer

My first memories are not of knowing anything about Alaska, but of wanting to live in the wilderness, loving the country, and at that time, at least in my youth when I was in a city, hating city life. I really didn't get along well with what I saw going on in the cities. I thought it was bad for society. I thought it was unhealthy for individual humans. I thought it was especially unhealthy for my dog. And so I always knew that I loved country life, and the farther the wilderness, the better.
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Susan Butcher

Champion Dog-Sled Racer

I feel that we are born with things that are really innate in us. I was born with a very strong love for animals and a sense from that. Animals of course were initially living in the wilderness. So from that, wanting to get back -- not so much "get back to nature," but to get back to seeing where our instincts come from, where we came from. What was really going on in man, other than what you could be taught in school.
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