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George Rathmann

Founding Chairman, Amgen

Although you've got these scary ethical issues -- and they really are scary -- dealing with possibly altering human beings and so on. So you know it's very powerful, but the wisdom of people up 'til now has been so clearly demonstrated that it's channeled to doing good. And the good is literally unlimited. Today we know of diseases that we've been studying for years. They've been high priority to solve. I mean, cancer is one. Cardiovascular disease is another. Diabetes, one that we've made a lot of progress on, is another. These diseases, you rank them together and there's lots of different ways of looking at it. One is in terms of the cost to society, which is in the $500 billion range, just in the United States alone. Another is the numbers of individuals that have their life compromised forever, because these are violent diseases that take a terrible toll and so on. You'd say, "Well, can biotech do anything about that?" It will. It will go after every single one of these diseases, and there's progress every day. So the future, I think, is so attractive that I wouldn't like to have every one of these young people go into biotech, because I think they should pick the choices that they should make. They should make the things -- if they want music, they want to be a mystery writer -- and that's the wonderful thing about this conference, that they have stimulus in any direction they need it, and that's wonderful. But I certainly would say that anybody that happens to be fascinated by biotechnology is not going to be disappointed with where it's going to go and how far it's going to get us. I think it's going to be much more a problem-solver than a problem-creator. And it has been up 'til now.
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Lloyd Richards

Tony Award-Winning Director

Lloyd Richards: I remember studying Shakespeare as a young person in school, and I remember an assignment to memorize a soliloquy, which I did. I was asked to stand up in front of the class and do it. I did it and I found myself saying beautiful words, phrases, thoughts that I agreed with, and I found myself expressing myself through someone else's words. There were people there and they responded; a connection was made. And I guess there was a connection made in me, that I felt something, or received something in that. That was deeply satisfying.
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Sally Ride

First American Woman in Space

I was growing up in the early days of the space program, and I can still remember teachers wheeling those big old black and white television sets into the classroom, so that we could watch some of the early space launches and splashdowns, and that made a real impact on me, as I think it did a lot of kids growing up at the time. I thought a lot about what it would be like to be on a rocket and what it would be like to be in space when I was 12 years old.
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