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Wynton Marsalis

Pulitzer Prize for Music

I want to really become a better composer. I want to learn how to really write jazz music, and just capture a portion of what I really see around me because now I function at like 20 percent of my capability, because I don't have the technique to write down what I hear and see and feel. I don't have the technical. I can't do it. So, I have to work on that because I can really conceive of writing songs about animals, a whole series of songs just on animals. A whole series of songs based on Japanese music. Really, truly dealing with their music, not just ting-tong ting-ting bong. You know, something corny. I mean really, from a conceptual standpoint and, also just dealing with jazz music. Some pretty music, something people can like, but that will also be good. Try to bring dance back into the music. Try to deal with film and music. Try to write opera, write ballets. There's a lot I want to do. I'm sure I won't do it all. But, if I could just get the technique to do it, then I think I would be in a much better position.
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Barry Marshall

Nobel Prize in Medicine

I did gastroenterology. It was just interesting that there was so much going on in those days, because ulcers were very common and patients were coming in. Every single night we'd have a patient with a major bleed. They'd be getting blood transfusions and going to surgery. It was just an interesting thing to find those little bacteria in the stomach. Actually, I had a colleague, Dr. Warren, who was a pathologist. He's very obsessional, a little eccentric, and it was difficult for him to get any of his colleagues to take this seriously. He sort of gave me a tutorial on them one afternoon, and it was just wonderful to me to see these bacteria that weren't in the medical books. I like to do things a little differently, buck the authority, try something out of the box. Thinking out of the box, as it's been said. And the idea that bacteria could survive in the stomach, when the medical books said they couldn't survive in the stomach, that's what made me so curious about it.
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Barry Marshall

Nobel Prize in Medicine

I'm not all that young now, and my kids are partially grown up, but I've got these years ahead of me and so what am I going to do to top this? Well, I think I'd get a lot of satisfaction out of being useful and creating some jobs and training new scientists, and being a positive influence on people who might be interested in getting into medical research. They are concerned, you know. "Everything's already been discovered. There's no hope for me." And I'd just like to say, "It's so wide open and so wonderful at the moment with all this biotechnology going on." I can see that in the future everybody will be a lot healthier and happier, because of the things that are happening now, in my lifetime.
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Johnny Mathis

Grammy Hall of Fame

Johnny Mathis: I had some goals to get to. As I mentioned, I saw a couple of my icons, who I worshiped as an entertainer, at the age of 72. I remember it vividly. I was watching them on Broadway in some productions that they were doing. And I said -- I must have been about 50 at the time -- and I said, "When I get to be 72, I would like to perform that well and have my ability still intact." And when I was 72, I remember, I took note of where I was, what I was doing, and I said, "Okay, everything's all right. Now what do I do? I've done a thing that I kind of had my eye on," and I said, "I want to see if I can do what I admired about them," and maybe blaze a few trails and do something at a later age that maybe will inspire someone else.
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