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Whoopi Goldberg

Actress and Activist

Whoopi Goldberg: I think I'm one of those people who was affected, really, truly, by everybody that I met, in a very magical kind of way, you know. I feel a bit like the golden child. But you only know that when you look back, and see the people who touched you and how friends, and camp counselors, and people who denied your humanity, that you overcame, you know. All those people who said you couldn't, and you shouldn't, and you won't, and you will never -- and you did. All those people affected me, and went into making me the sum total of what I became, and what I've become.
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Daniel Goldin

Space Exploration

I built my first planes maybe when I was eight, nine years old with my Uncle Joe. And I remember a plane we built. It was about this big. It was made out of balsa wood. It took weeks and weeks and months to build, and we got the Exacto knives and we sanded it. We put it together. You know, it broke, we put it back together again, and then we painted it. It was red and blue. I remember the color. We put an engine on it, hooked up the wires and I started up the engine, and I flew that plane. I got such pleasure out of it. It was so exciting.
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Daniel Goldin

Space Exploration

It struck me - how did I get here? It was like a fog and a cloud and I didn't quite understand it. And, I finally realized my father made me hungry. He made me want to reach and achieve and he didn't allow me to accept mediocrity. He embarrassed me by forcing me to be different. I would squirm from any controversy and then I found myself acting like my father. It was overwhelming. And, over a period of about a half of a year this consciousness came to me, the fog cleared and from that point on we talked. It was incredible.
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Alberto Gonzales

Former Attorney General of the United States

Do I ever second-guess myself? One of the things -- I really have enjoyed watching President Bush make decisions, because he's very good about getting information, hearing all sides. I think he would have made a good judge in that respect. But what he does, he gets his information, and then I'm sure he thinks about these big issues, and he makes a decision, and he moves on, and sometimes there's criticism. It doesn't matter. He's made a decision, and you move on. And so I think I'm a little bit like that. You have to be. There are too many decisions to make. I've learned that, certainly at the Department of Justice, there are too many big decisions to make to second-guess yourself. You surround yourself with a good team -- people that you trust, whose judgment you really value. And they make recommendations to you, and based upon those recommendations, you make your decision, and then you move on, because you've got other big decisions to make. You really -- you have little time to second-guess yourself.
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