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Martha Stewart

Multi-Media Lifestyle Entrepreneur

I really found that I was drawn to what I call my mentors. I have developed over the years a whole group of important people, people important to me that I consider mentors. Now, they may be the gardener in the estate down the road. They may be a farmer who milks his cows. They may be a very special professor. All different kinds of people fall into this group of what I call my mentors. It may be someone I've never met, but only read, like Garcia Marquez. One of my dreams is to meet him. But those are my mentors. George Eliot, the great novelist. Jane Austen is a mentor of mine, in terms of language. So, I've informally constructed this structure in my life of mentors.
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Martha Stewart

Multi-Media Lifestyle Entrepreneur

We had a lot of chores at our house, a tremendous number of chores, but we were always granted the time to read. And I had a reading chair that I sat in and read in. I also had a favorite tree that I sat in and read in. It sounds a little idyllic, sort of Mark Twainish, but it was true. I would find a quiet place. On Sunday mornings, because we had such chaos around our house, everybody running and getting dressed to go to church and everything, I sat in the car and read. I read everything. I read from A to Z in the Stockton Room. I just started on the As and went all the way through.
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James Stockdale

Medal of Honor

I could fly over South Vietnam the year before and see all the little skirmishes going on, including sometimes American soldiers and marines, and flying American airplanes, but they were really "noncombatants." I could see all of this thing. I said, "Listen, if we come over here, we're supposed to be up here looking for MIGs. They're not going to fly a MIG down here over South Vietnam, and it's just foolish because they don't have enough planes to do what you do if you wanted to get involved in one of these hassles." You could see three wars going on at almost any time below you. You would see lines of firing men firing at each other. You go 50 or 100 miles on and there's another one going on. South Vietnam was alive with ammunition expenditure.
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Robert Strauss

Presidential Medal of Freedom

Jimmy Carter and I didn't have that close a relationship until I guess in New York, we had the convention, and people wondered why I went to New York. I knew exactly why I took the party there. It was a place we had to win, and Madison Square Garden, even though it was too small, was the right place to be. So I called those shots right, and at the Convention, the Carter people -- the President and Mrs. Carter and their people, of course, he wasn't president then -- found out that they didn't know how to run a national convention and that I did, and we didn't make any mistakes, fortunately, like the Democrats usually do. I didn't let them fall apart in the middle of the damned convention and tear each other up. I controlled the floor, where the leftists or the rightists, depending, couldn't get their hands on the mikes, and we kept it moderate, and we elected a president. Then Jimmy Carter and I became, as I went into his administration, closer and closer, and I guess by the end of it, he called on me for everything. And I again -- part of the story I told today about how I grew in stature in his administration -- went in with no particular stature and came out as probably the fellow he turned to more than any other for tough jobs.
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