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Fritz Scholder

Native American Artist

They were nice enough, but they didn't know what art was. I did finally, accidentally, bump into a "professional artist" -- quotations -- an Indian artist, Oscar Howe -- in Pierre, South Dakota. A full-blooded Sioux, who had gone to Europe because of the war, found out about "modern art" -- quotations -- and it really messed up his mind in a way, but he did come away doing Indian subjects in a cubist style. I realized that art is very serious from him. After he would talk to us -- and he wasn't really a teacher, he just happened to be at the Pierre High School -- he'd have a place in the corner where he'd go and then paint his own paintings. So I would go and just watch, and I saw that it was very serious.
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Robert Schuller

Crystal Cathedral

After my Uncle Henry told me I'd be a preacher, he said to me the next morning, "That means, Robert, that you'll have to go to school for 20 years." I said, "Really?" He said, "Yes, first eight grades, then four years of high school, then four years of college, then three years in seminary. That's about 20 years." I said, "Fine, no problem." And I think what happened there was, I was imbued with the noblest quality of character development a person can receive. And, I say I was imbued with it; I didn't choose it. I didn't know it was being given to me. It was the power of delayed gratification. I set a 20-year goal. It was phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal.
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Robert Schuller

Crystal Cathedral

Robert Schuller: Delayed gratification is more than patience, we now know. I got a psychology course in my undergraduate days, and then I chose to go into theology instead of psychology because I wanted the right to impose my value system on people if I felt their value system was the core of their neuroticism and, it is in many cases. But, the delayed gratification was phenomenal. Then I would -- later on, having accomplished that 20-year goal -- I would now find myself at the age of 23 and I would set a goal of creating a great movement, and build a church. I went to California with a 40-year goal, and they're few people that believe that. Well, now they do because I've spent 41 years there, but again, the power of delayed gratification means patience to wait for the big thing to come along, but you're going to keep working on and never, ever give up.
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Richard Schultes

The Father of Modern Ethnobotany

Richard Schultes: I had made a tremendous collection of plants, and the airplane that was going to take me out [of the jungle was the same one that] took me in. After a while in the early days, I had to go in over land and over by canoe and so forth. Later, I could fly in with hydroplanes. I would make an agreement with the pilot that on such-and-such a day -- let's say two months, three months later, weather permitting -- he'd be there. I'd have to put out a bed sheet, so he could see I was there before he landed.
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