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Coretta Scott King

Pioneer of Civil Rights

Coretta Scott King: I think what I've tried to do is to empower people to understand that they can make a difference. And by using the method of nonviolence as a way of life, it becomes internalized into your life; so everything that you seek to do, you use those principles and those steps, based on those principles, and the steps and methodologies, so that if you have a problem or a conflict in whatever it is you are doing, you are able to better resolve that. And if it is dealing with people, certainly you'll know how to resolve that and become reconciled and to move forward.
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Larry King

Broadcasters' Hall of Fame

He said, "Well, you sound very good. I'll tell you what, I'm going to give you a suggestion. I don't have any openings, but a lot of people come and go here, we're a very small station. Why don't you hang around? You can clean up the place. We'll give you a little money every week, and the first guy that quits, you've got the job." I literally lived at that station. I was there day and night. I would help sweep up. I would also learn how to rip and read, and learned news. And I would go to the Miami Stadium and watch the Marlins play, and watch the guys do the baseballs games. Everywhere I could go, anything I could do, I was there.
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Larry King

Broadcasters' Hall of Fame

I later talked to Arthur Godfrey a lot, and did Arthur Godfrey's show, and he would be on my show. The only other time I was nervous was my first night on television. I was never nervous again because I learned something that day. And if more people could learn this, it would be the best advice I'd give you. As Godfrey later put it into better words, he said to me, "The only secret in this business is there is no secret. Just be yourself. If yourself is good enough, you're going to be good enough. If it ain't good enough, you can't be someone else."
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Willem Kolff

Pioneer of Artificial Organs

It's hard for anybody in the United States to realize how difficult and how exacting the program is of the Dutch high schools, certainly at that time. Here they have a little homework. I would have classes -- four in the morning, two in the afternoon -- and go home with homework for five different things. And, the following morning that had to be completed. And, if in Holland you get French, or English, you don't have it for one year or so, you have that the next year, too.
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