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Ernest Gaines

A Lesson Before Dying

I fell in love with literature. I read plays. I read poetry. I read novels. I especially liked the 19th century Russian novelist, Turgenev, the stories of Tolstoy and Chekhov stories, and I read that. I began to read them because they -- I suppose because the relationship between those landowners and their peasants, their serfs, were so much like -- and not like -- the ones that I had come from. Those serfs and those peasants could become, probably, landowners themselves, or they can improve themselves. Whereas, where I had come from, it was impossible. So I read those books. I liked reading those books.
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Bill Gates

Co-Founder and Chairman, Microsoft Corporation

Bill Gates: When I was very young I hadn't been exposed to computers so I was mostly just reading, doing math, learning about science, and I wasn't sure what my career would be. I knew I loved learning about things. I was an avid reader, but it was when I was 12 years old that I first got to use a computer, actually a very limited machine by today's standards. But that definitely fascinated me when I was first exposed.
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Bill Gates

Co-Founder and Chairman, Microsoft Corporation

Bill Gates: Microsoft was at the center of the personal computer revolution, and particularly the creation of a software market where you went out to lots of companies, and encouraged them to write software for different applications, mundane applications, wild applications. That idea that you would encourage people to be creative, and build software, and there would be a whole industry around that. Microsoft believed in that, and no one else did, and so we got that going. And that's led now to where you have all these great choices, and it just keeps getting better and better. And it's because of the volume of machines out there, it can be sold very, very inexpensively. So that whole bootstrap, getting the industry going, making it personal, making there be lots of software, that's what we are the most proud of.
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John Gearhart

Stem Cell Research

I think for most scientists the fun is in the journey. You know, what I mean? Of being in the laboratory, of knowing that you can do whatever experiment you want to do, but it has to come from you, and you have to think about what the problem -- what the questions are, how you plan that experiment, how you execute it, what controls you use. You know, interpretation. This to me is the excitement.
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