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James V. Kimsey

Founding Chairman,
America Online

I think, among all the things that happened during that year, it gave me an opportunity to live in a village with Vietnamese people, speak the language, get to know the people as a people, understand the nature of that conflict. And, despite the sometimes horrible incidences that occurred, I look back on that year particularly as a real growth year for myself. That I was responsible for about 100,000 square miles and 100,000 people. And, irrespective of what our policy was towards those people, I felt it was my job to protect them. And, in the process I got to know them. We built an orphanage which still exists.
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James V. Kimsey

Founding Chairman,
America Online

The potential for the Vietnamese people being one of our best allies in that part of the world is enormous. And, I think we're myopic not to take advantage of it. I think it's in both the Vietnamese and our best interest. Some would say less in the Vietnamese best interest because they have a very fragile and intricate social architecture that reveres their elders and has a reverence also for education. And, some think that Hollywood is now going to accomplish in Vietnam what our military failed to accomplish 30 years ago.
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B.B. King

King of the Blues

I really wanted to be a gospel singer. That's what I wanted to be. This professor had a nephew that was a popular musician that played with a guy called Buddy Johnson. So when we would talk about music he would say to me, "You can do it if you want to. You can play music. You can preach. You can do whatever you want to do, but you've got to want to and you need a good education. You need to learn to do this." He would say, "We live on a plantation, we're in the country, and most people will put you down a little bit because you live in the country." It's true because when we would go to town people would say, "Here come them country people." But, we did just the opposite. "There are them old city folks," you know. My mother would take me to church, and this preacher in the church was named Reverend Archie Fair, we called him. Archie Fair was his name, and he played guitar in the church, so I wanted to be like him. And, I never really wanted to be a preacher, but I wanted to be a gospel singer, but my family thought that if I kept things up, kept going, one day I would be a preacher. Of course, I ain't dead yet, so I don't think it's too late, but I've enjoyed doing what I'm doing for so long now.
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Coretta Scott King

Pioneer of Civil Rights

Coretta Scott King: I studied elementary education and music at Antioch, and I couldn't get a full music degree but I always wanted to study music; that was my first love. In high school, I had a teacher who influenced me greatly, Miss Olive J. Williams, and she was versatile in music, and I wanted to be like her. She exposed me to the world of classical music. Before then, I had never heard classical music. She exposed me also to the great composers of the world, as well as black performers, which I didn't know about at the time: Marian Anderson, Paul Robeson, Roland Hayes and Dorothy Maynor and others. So I got my foundation and my beginning there, and then, at Antioch, I built on that with another teacher named Walter Anderson. He was the one who eventually encouraged me to apply when I graduated from Antioch to the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.
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