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Hank Aaron

Home Run King

I came here for one reason: I came here to play baseball. I came here to entertain people. That's what baseball players are about. You know what I mean? They're entertainers. When you go to a stage to watch someone perform on stage, to sing a song, that's what baseball players are for. I had given everything that I had. So they felt like, "This man has given us all, and we need to get up and clap for him." So I felt wonderful. I felt like, "You finally arrived. You finally got what you wanted to get." And it's been wonderful ever since.
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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Basketball Scoring Champion

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: I think seeing one of my books in print has given me as much joy and sense of achievement as winning an NBA championship. Although I don't get the notoriety from my books that I have gotten as an athlete, it still gives me great joy to know that I can contribute to American life something significant. Well, it is significant to me, and possibly the people who pick up my books and read them get some fulfillment out of it. I think that to me is very meaningful and it gives me a lot of joy.
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Edward Albee

Three Pulitzer Prizes for Drama

Edward Albee: It's very hard to explain to anybody who isn't a playwright. If you're a playwright -- that's why I was not a very good poet, and a bad novelist, and a bad short story writer. And then, I wrote a play and I figured out that's what I was supposed to be doing all my life. And, also I just think that every writer -- everybody in any of the arts -- has a particular time when they can become individual. It's different from people. You know, some people, they're doing it when they're 18. Some don't get to it until they're 50. And The Zoo Story was that moment where I knew I'd written something good -- and individual. And you just take off from there. That's when it happens.
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