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Alan Shepard

First American in Space

Alan Shepard: I think first of all you have to be there for the right reason. You have to be there not for the fame and glory and recognition and being a page in a history book, but you have to be there because you believe your talent and ability can be applied effectively to operation of the spacecraft. Whether you are an astronomer or a life scientist, geophysicist, or a pilot, you've got to be there because you believe you are good in your field, and you can contribute, not because you are going to get a lot of fame or whatever when you get back. So that motive has to be there to start with.
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Carol Shields

Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

I think there's a kind of dialogue outside in that novel that has never taken place within the family. I would imagine that family members would read and say, "Oh, I can't believe this is my sister saying this." I suppose this is why I love novels, because novels are not just about what people do, but they're about what people think, and this is what, of course, we don't get in film either, the thinking mind, and perhaps this does make family members or friends uncomfortable. But on the other hand, I was always careful not to write about family or friends because I wanted them to remain my family and friends. I believe the old myth about people not wanting their photograph taken because it's a form of stealing their soul. I think there's something in that. So I always try to be very careful.
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Donna Shirley

Mars Exploration Program

What I was not cut out to do was to spend full time with a very small child. I mean, it wasn't that I didn't love her and all that, but I just had been in an adult world with a lot of stimulation and a lot of mental stimulation for so long that I couldn't make the transition. I stayed home for six weeks and nearly went bananas just taking care of this little child. And so, it was really much better for me to have someone who really likes taking care of small children. I mean, I like small children, but not all the time. And so, it just worked out better. I mean, I think if I hadn't gone back to work I would have been resentful and probably a terrible mother.
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Donna Shirley

Mars Exploration Program

I'm interested in leaving a world where my grandchildren -- I hope I have some -- are going to be able to thrive, instead of leaving a world where my generation has despoiled the planet, has fragmented into warring factions, has engendered hate and xenophobia, and all of these sorts of things, and then has pulled in and said, "We're not going to explore. We're just going to sit here and stew in our own juices." And to say, "We're going to spend all our money," -- throw money at problems that aren't solvable by just money, that have to have other kinds of solutions applied to them.
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