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Fritz Scholder

Native American Artist

You have to try to keep your art pure. And not go into advertising, not go into commercial art, because that's a whole different deal. A fine artist must do exactly what he wants to do, with no pressure. Whether it's from your parents, your girlfriend, your wife, you must block all that out. Fine art, if it's the highest form of human expression, means self-integrity. And when you're in that studio, you must do whatever you do completely for yourself. And you must be your own worst critic. Which means that after you've done it, you must live with it, decide if it should leave the studio. Often I destroy the work, either at the moment, or right after I've done it, or days later, or years later. I still will go in the studio at night and destroy paintings, because they're mine.
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Robert Schuller

Crystal Cathedral

They say great preachers only have one sermon. That's all they have. It's true for Billy Graham, it's true for Norman Peale, it's true for Robert Schuller. Also, there's a profound teaching: You can tell what a preacher's personal sins are, by what he preaches against all the time. I preach against people who treat others with indignity, I preach against people who insult people, I preach against people who embarrass people. I preach against those who peddle guilt and shame.
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Robert Schuller

Crystal Cathedral

So the building, instead of being seven million, it was 20 million. I said to President Carter, whom I respect and love, I said, "I'll take the blame for the first 10 million, but the second 10 million is our country's fault." Inflation -- 30 percent of 10 million -- boosted it to 13, and then 30 percent, you're up to 16 million, so we went to 20. Not my fault. And, I had taken the first million dollars from a man, and promised I'd build the building. If you take cash from somebody, you have to deliver, or you're ruined for life as a person with no integrity, no character.
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Richard Schultes

The Father of Modern Ethnobotany

I'm not stealing anything from the natives, and if a new medicine comes out from one of these plants, it's possible that the natives themselves will have that medicine -- when it is once synthesized -- on a cheaper basis, and available through missionaries or commercial people or other things. Look at quinine, which was discovered by the Jesuits in Lima who had been told by the viceroy's wife, who was dying of malaria, and the Indians came in and said, "We use this: quinine tree up in the highlands." So they tried anything and it worked, and look how many hundreds of thousands of poor people - India alone - who could get cheap quinine eventually, when they made plantations. So, we're not exploiting the poor of the world because once the medicines are available cheaper and more easily, the poorer people can get them, or the so-called primitive peoples from whom we learned these things. And, all this nonsense about us going in and stealing the things from these natives and forgetting them? I never felt that way.
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