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Richard Schultes

The Father of Modern Ethnobotany

I'm not stealing anything from the natives, and if a new medicine comes out from one of these plants, it's possible that the natives themselves will have that medicine -- when it is once synthesized -- on a cheaper basis, and available through missionaries or commercial people or other things. Look at quinine, which was discovered by the Jesuits in Lima who had been told by the viceroy's wife, who was dying of malaria, and the Indians came in and said, "We use this: quinine tree up in the highlands." So they tried anything and it worked, and look how many hundreds of thousands of poor people - India alone - who could get cheap quinine eventually, when they made plantations. So, we're not exploiting the poor of the world because once the medicines are available cheaper and more easily, the poorer people can get them, or the so-called primitive peoples from whom we learned these things. And, all this nonsense about us going in and stealing the things from these natives and forgetting them? I never felt that way.
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Norman Schwarzkopf

Commander, Operation Desert Storm

You know, heroism is in the eye of the beholders, it's like beauty. Nobody says on the battlefield, "Well, I think I will now be a hero," and go do a heroic act. You don't do that. It's people doing their job. That's what they're doing, they're doing their job. And somebody else sees him and says, "Wow, boy, look at that, isn't that heroic?" But, the people who are doing it don't think at the time that they're being heroes. They don't think after the fact they're being heroes. They just say, "I'm doing my job."
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Norman Schwarzkopf

Commander, Operation Desert Storm

Rule 13 says, okay, I've got it. When placed in command, I take charge. But what do I do? The answer is Rule 14: Do what's right. Because we all know, all of us know, basically, when placed in those circumstances, what the moral, what the ethical, what the correct thing to do is. We all know it. So, the true modern leader of today is the one that's, number one, willing to take charge, and willing to do what's right. That's the secret of leadership.
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Glenn Seaborg

Discoverer of Plutonium

He (LBJ) kept his finger on the individual items. I mean individual budget items for the Atomic Energy Commission. Perhaps I'd have six of them, that I was in dispute with the director of the Bureau of the Budget. I would describe them in detail and he would nod. I would usually win six out of six. I really had his confidence. He really believed that I didn't have a hidden agenda. He was convinced that I was doing what I thought was best for the country. Once I won his confidence like that, I was able to usually win out in the debates. On the other hand, if he lost confidence in somebody it was just as bad on the other side. That person would have trouble convincing him of anything.
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