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Barry Marshall

Nobel Prize in Medicine

I've got a lucky combination of a team of scientists working with me on interesting questions that I'm curious about. I also have some connections with industry, so if we have a good idea for new treatment or a new test, we can try it out on the patients, who are always very, very willing to take part in my research. They say, "Well, he did it on himself, so we can trust him, I suppose."
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Johnny Mathis

Grammy Hall of Fame

I always made sure that I kept the dignity, or tried to keep the dignity that they showed, by standing there and singing and not doing too much else, because I didn't know what else to do. But you know, sometimes you can get carried away and I don't know, lose your composure or something. But I was very conscious of that, I said, "All I'm going to do is sing. I'll be out of here in a minute. You guys just enjoy. I'll sing my hit songs," and that's kind of the way I thought about it. But then, of course, the natural kind of intellect that you have comes into being, and I realized that what they were -- people who were ignorant of the fact that we were all doing the same thing -- I mean, come on, the skin color's a little different. But then you go on television. I said, "I look white! My hair isn't nappy, it's straight," and I said, "What's the big deal?" And then, of course, before I knew it, things got better.
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Willie Mays

Baseball Hall of Fame

When I got to play stickball in New York, the kids would knock on my window in the morning. Like, if we got a day game or something, I'd be at the ball park at 12 o'clock, they would knock on at nine o'clock. Now I got to eat, I got to get up, I got to go out and play stickball with them for about 20 minutes, and then I had to go to the ball park. And I'm saying to myself, "I'm tired," but I said, "No, these are kids." We had no losers there. Everybody had ice cream. So I would take $20 out of my pocket every day, go play, buy the ice cream for all the kids, and they knew that, so they all loved that.
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