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Athol Fugard

Playwright, Novelist and Actor

I left university. I stayed around in Cape Town for a little while trying to sort out my head, and then decided the best way to see the world is to start traveling. So I hitchhiked up through Africa, Cape Town to Cairo. Standing on the side of the road, thumbing lifts when they came along, but sometimes you'd wait on the side of that road for days in the middle of nowhere, the Belgian Congo or the Sudan, Kenya, Tanganyika, and then eventually Cairo. I eventually landed up -- after quite a lot of trouble because I sneaked into Egypt. I jumped a border. I didn't have a passport. They sent me back to the Sudan. In Sudan I found my way down to Port Sudan, and I was just frittering away time there wondering, "What next? Do I stow away onboard a ship?" when I happened to meet the captain of a tramp steamer. Those were the days of tramp steamers still, the world of Joseph Conrad. You know, Youth and all those magnificent novels of his.
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Millard Fuller

Founder, Habitat for Humanity International

Millard Fuller: Morris Dees and I had had a business agreement where if either one of us wanted to leave, we'd give the other one the opportunity to buy us out. So I contacted him, and we made arrangements, and every penny of the sale we gave away from the company. We didn't save one single penny. We gave all of it away. And like she said, over a period of time, we just got rid of all of our other assets, and we went on a pilgrimage. We didn't know what we would do. We had no earthly idea. She was like 24 years old. I was 29, and we just decided to seek for God's path for us. We didn't know what that would be.
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Ernest Gaines

A Lesson Before Dying

In all the time that I knew my aunt -- and she raised me until I was 15-and-a-half years old -- I never heard her complain once about anything, never complain once about her condition and the things that she had to do for us. Never once. So I think it was she who has had the greatest influence on me, both as an artist, as well as a man. Many times in my early age, when things were not working right for me in my writing, I wanted to give up, but I could not afford to give up because I remembered her and the things that she had to go through in her lifetime.
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