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Sylvia Earle

Undersea Explorer

Go overboard and just breathe underwater as you take for granted that you breathe above water. And the effect was astonishing. You go down into this clear realm. Well first of all, you are weightless. Which I already knew from using a mask and flippers. But to be down there and then, you breathe in and expect to have water come in and gurgling around. No. It's just, you can breathe. I couldn't believe it! You really can do this!
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Mohamed ElBaradei

Nobel Prize for Peace

My father was president of the Egyptian Bar Association. He was involved very much during the Nasser era -- which was one of the most repressive eras in Egyptian history -- in fighting for democracy, fighting for human rights, and I think that to a lot of extent shaped my view as to what I wanted to do in the future. I wanted to have a world where people are free to express their views, to have freedom of worship, to have freedom from want, and I saw poverty in Egypt when I grew up. To me, freedom, in the larger sense -- to be able to speak, to worship, free from want, free from fear -- I think it was a key as to what I thought I would like to do when I grow up.
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Gertrude Elion

Nobel Prize in Medicine

Gertrude Elion: I had some minor accidents. One where I was pipetting something that I probably shouldn't have been. It was a very thick solution of lye, and I got it into my mouth, and suddenly the whole lining of my mouth seemed to come off. Fortunately, I didn't swallow any of it. It hurt for a couple of days. It was very scary. I never did that again. Usually, you are supposed to use a rubber bulb pipette when you are doing anything dangerous like that. It's okay to pipette water, but that taught me a lesson. And another time I was doing a reaction in a glass tube, which was sealed, and I had it in a water bath. And I took it out, I looked at it, put it back, walked out the door, and the thing blew up into a thousand pieces. And I often thought, "What would have happened if it had happened in my hand?" I never did that again either. And other than that, I really was very fortunate.
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