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Bernie Taupin

Songwriters Hall of Fame

Bernie Taupin: I think we all have to make big decisions in our lives. And I had to make a big decision very early on to cut all my ties. It was a sort of cocoon, living in a small, rural area like that. In many ways at that point in time I was sort of the king of the hill. I had my little group of friends, and we were the big guys on the block. But there wasn't anybody else to challenge us. There wasn't anything else to challenge us. So I think that when I made that decision to go down to London, on reflection that was a big, big deal, because I was very close to my parents. I think in a lot of ways many people have to make that decision at some point in their life. It may not manifest itself in the same way as that, but when I had to get up that cold winter morning and catch that train, I knew that there was no turning back. Because if I came back, I was admitting defeat, and I didn't want to admit defeat.
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Kiri Te Kanawa

Beloved Opera Singer

I just went like a mad thing through the front door. And everyone was there. Of course, it's once again the circus. That "bzzzz" that's going on. And there's every man and his dog is there trying to give you information. And there's the director trying to do something and the conductor's there. Of course, Jimmy's there. And Jon Vickers is there. And they're all there. And you think, "Shut up and get out!" And I just said, "I just need time." So somehow people threw a wig on me and some makeup and we were on. We're on the number 52 bus to heaven. So it was like that. It was just this absolute panic. And then I got through the first act. And I thought, "Thank God!" And you know, no one -- none of my family -- my singing teacher was going to be there in a few weeks to come and see my first performance. And my husband, who was then, was going to come. And all my friends were going to come. And I couldn't get them, because it was snowing. And it was just -- it was impossible. So I went on, the loneliest person in the world.
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Wayne Thiebaud

Painter and Teacher

Wayne Thiebaud: Pies and cakes and the hot dogs, those things. So Allan also -- Allan Stone, the dealer -- was very puzzled by them, and it took him a year or two to get to a point of saying, "Before I got the courage to show the damn thing," was the way he put it. And that's quite a mark of his ability and loyalty, to take me on and see what he could do. We didn't have very many hopes. He said to me, "I think you're a good painter. I don't know about these, but we'll show them and we'll show them. I'll try to get a plan of about five to ten years where we keep showing things of yours in the hope you gain a kind of clientele." And that's what we did. So it was a big shock to find that, serendipitously, pop art came in, and we were sort of shunted into that sudden interesting world, that is, interesting to critics and interesting to people. And that's how really it occurred.
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