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Barry Scheck

Co-Founder, Innocence Project

Barry Scheck: The law school at the University of California at Berkeley when I went there was a comparatively conservative law faculty. When I say conservative, I mean there were many brilliant and great teachers there, but on the whole the more progressive and socially active faculty was at Stanford. But the student body at Stanford was not like that then, and the student body at Berkeley was. I mean, we had a strike over third world admissions in our first year. I can't tell you how significant that is, because in law school everybody wants to make sure that they get good grades. And in the first year, the idea that you would strike before exams was insane. But we actually did that.
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Fritz Scholder

Native American Artist

It doesn't matter what that mark looks like. If you have to make that mark, if you have the integrity, the audacity, to try for the greatest luxury that a human being has, of doing exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it, and not care what anyone thinks. And being able to stand next to that painting when it's done and saying, I did this. Knowing that some people will laugh, some people will criticize, but some people might be on your wavelength. Those are the people you're interested in, after yourself. Because it has to be completely for yourself, and then you put it out there.
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Robert Schuller

Crystal Cathedral

I could talk about losing everything in a tornado, and escaping with your life, and I know what it's like to be homeless, and that's nothing. No big deal. I know what it's like to have my home burned, and all the papers, and I'm a student in college, living in a private house. I would fail an English course because of it, but that's no big deal. And, a daughter whose leg was amputated, when she was our athlete. She was 13 years old. That was a pretty big deal. My wife, having amputations of breasts because of cancer, that was a heavy deal. Or my having an accident and being 20 minutes from being DOA at the hospital in Amsterdam, having two brain surgeries in eight days. That was nothing, that was a piece of cake, because I didn't even know what was going on.
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Robert Schuller

Crystal Cathedral

My denomination shunned me when they heard I was preaching in a drive-in theater. That was rather embarrassing. Then, it wasn't long and I began preaching a theology centered around self esteem. I was attacked by this. They would have accused me of heresy, but I was too good a theologian. I did not commit a heresy, and they knew it. I did nothing that was heretical. So, when they couldn't accuse me -- because I was too well educated, frankly -- I was shunned.
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