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George Rathmann

Founding Chairman, Amgen

I didn't know much about recombinant DNA. I was certainly in the dark. I just liked the thrill of the thought that you could actually make human proteins. Now, for the first time, you could create them. They could be safely made, and made commercially interesting. So although there weren't very many examples of that, it was clear that's where the science was going. And of course, the other part of the science was that you'd actually have a basis of looking at and having a true molecular understanding of the human being, instead of, as biology had been up 'til that time, "There's a factor one and a factor two and a factor three," all the way up to factor eight in the coagulation family. And not a single one of those chemicals could have been identified by the people who had named them. By the time recombinant DNA came along, you could pinpoint the exact chemical structures of every one of those things. And every other molecule in the body was available for that decoding, and that's exactly what made it exciting. So I wanted to do it, and I decided I'd better do it with an independent company. So it was a fairly tough call, but what made it easy was that after I worried about it for a while, I finally decided to do it on a friendly basis. Came back to Abbott and got a $5 million investment from Abbott to help us get started. And $5 million from Abbott, that was the ticket to success, because immediately the venture capitalists all lined up. And we raised $19 million because they said, "If that tightfisted, conservative organization in the Midwest put in $5 million, that must be a great start." So we raised a lot of money. And that made the difference. That made Amgen successful enough to pass up all the previous companies that were already out there.
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Lloyd Richards

Tony Award-Winning Director

Lloyd Richards: It's built into your life. If you aspire at all, you're taking a risk. If you aspire as a young black person to something where there is not a beaten path, you're taking a risk. So risk is nothing new in your life. But then, some risks cost more than others, and I guess those are the ones that you recognize as risks. But all of life is a risk. You try and achieve whatever you as an individual human being can achieve. To make that attempt is a risk. I guess I never decided to take risks with my life, I just had no choice.
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Sally Ride

First American Woman in Space

Sally Ride: There's a huge amount of pressure on every astronaut, because when you get right down to it, the experiments that are conducted on a space flight, or the satellites that are carried up, the work that's to be done, is important and expensive work, and you are up there for a week or two on a Space Shuttle flight. The country has invested a lot of money in you and your training, and the Space Shuttle and everything that's in it, and you have to do things correctly. You can't make a mistake during that week or two that you're in space. Anything from making a mistake on an experiment that would ruin some scientist on earth's experiment -- career, potentially -- to doing something wrong with the satellite that a country was depending on for its communications, to making some mistake that could actually cost you and the crew either a mission or your lives. So there is a lot of pressure that's put on every astronaut to just make sure that he or she understands exactly what to do, exactly when to do it, and is trained and prepared to carry it out.
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Sally Ride

First American Woman in Space

I have been a bit of a risk taker all my life, not always in the traditional way of defining risks, but when I was growing up, it was probably risky for a young girl to decide to be a scientist. It was probably, even when I was in college, risky for a female college graduate to go on to graduate school in physics, and certainly going on to be an astronaut was taking a risk. But I think that it is important to be willing to take that step, to kind of make that leap to do what you want to do, and that is my definition of being a risk taker.
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