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Johnny Mathis

Grammy Hall of Fame

I met some wonderful people in the hospital who said, "Well, are you taking anything?" Because when I didn't sing, I wouldn't take the medication. I wouldn't take the medication that he gave me. So I would have withdrawals, and I ended up in the hospital. But fortunately, I understood how devastating it was for me, when it took me, I don't know, maybe a month or two to get that out of my life. And then I also went through Alcoholics Anonymous, because I thought I was drinking too much and I thought it was I was embarrassed. But I had people who loved me and said, "Well, don't be embarrassed. Do something about it!" And I said, "What'll I do?" and they said, "Do this," and they sent me to people who helped me and got me off the booze. Maybe the only things that really could have ruined me. And it was all because of the input of other people. You can't do anything by yourself. Everything is a matter of who you surround yourself with.
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Ernst Mayr

The Darwin of the 20th Century

After I had been up in the mountains about three or four weeks, suddenly a troop of -- I think it was five -- of the native police of Indonesia appeared in my camp, and they had a letter which said that the Governor of New Guinea and the Moluccas -- that was one person -- couldn't allow that a person of such distinction as I, because I had letters from the German government, to be unprotected and these five police soldiers should protect me against these dreadful natives. Of course, I had gotten on fine with the natives. I couldn't see any danger at all, but these soldiers, every evening they just became guardians of the entrances to my little camp so that nobody could enter it and do something to me. Pretty soon they saw all sorts of things happening there. They were terribly scared of the natives and pretty soon shooting started. "Oh, but we saw something and we had to shoot at it." I was really annoyed and I was also a little bit concerned because I felt maybe there is something to all of this, and one night they woke me up after another shooting spell and said, "We just shot somebody." And I said, "Oh, my God, that's the end of my expedition here." I said, "Where is he?" So they took me across a little brook that was alongside my camp and I looked around with a kerosene lamp and I couldn't see anything. There wasn't anybody there.
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Ernst Mayr

The Darwin of the 20th Century

Suddenly somebody rushed into my little hut and said, "Oh, there are a lot of people coming. A lot of soldiers coming." And I said, "Now what?" And I went outside and I could see the ridge that came up from the coast, and the pass was right at the very top of the ridge. There was a column of about -- I think it was 105 people or something like that. There were two white men in uniforms of officers of the Colonial Police Force, and about 20 soldiers, and the rest were porters carrying all their stuff and food and so forth. I still didn't know what it was all about, but I decided to go down in the valley separating my ridge from this coastal ridge. There was a river flowing there, and I went down there, and the leading officer of the other group waded into the river towards me, and he said, "Oh, I'm so glad you're still alive." I said, "I didn't know I wasn't supposed " "Oh," he said, "The soldiers that you sent back to the coast reported that the natives had attacked your camp and had massacred you and all your people there, and 'we,' -- the police soldiers -- 'by shooting all of our ammunition have been able to escape and get down to the coast." They made up that story because they were embarrassed, appearing on the coast when they were supposed to protect me. And, as it appeared, having abandoned me. They had a court-martial later on and so on and so forth. A long story, but anyhow I was also told I had to now immediately return back to the coast. It was just too dangerous. But I knew that there was a lake even further in and even higher up that I'm sure was very interesting. So I totally disobeyed the order from the Dutch Government and I went up to that lake and sure enough discovered a new finch up there and several rare birds that I had never encountered anywhere else in New Guinea. So I had a really marvelous time.
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Willie Mays

Baseball Hall of Fame

Baseball was like walking through the park. But, coming into the business world, not being educated to the fact that you could deal with all of them, or one-on-one -- which I soon found out I could -- because just because you're in the business world doesn't mean that you're smarter than anybody that hasn't been to college. It doesn't mean that. You can deal with them one-on-one without any problem, and I could because I had been around the world started at age 15, so I knew actually what the business world was all about. I just was maybe a little frightened after coming out of baseball, being this star for so many years and now all of a sudden you're not the star, and that was frightening to me.
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