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Coretta Scott King

Pioneer of Civil Rights

Coretta Scott King: I think that nonviolence allows you and empowers you to do what is necessary, because what you do is build coalitions. You can't do all of it by yourself, but you can put together a coalition and get other people involved, or join organizations that are already involved and continue to work to eradicate poverty, of course, since poverty is still with us, very much so. My husband -- it was one of the triple evils that he talked about -- poverty, racism and war. And of course, they all are forms of violence, and we have to continue to work to make sure that people everywhere have a decent livelihood, that they have jobs, they have housing, they have health care, they have quality education. All of these areas that we still have to work on and to improve, so that the quality of life for all people is improved, and we can achieve indeed the "beloved community" that Martin talked about, that I believe in.
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Larry King

Broadcasters' Hall of Fame

Fred Wilpon, who was one of our friends, went on to be owner of the New York Mets. Owner of the New York Mets! He was an outstanding pitcher, he and Sandy (Koufax) are great friends. He goes on to own the Mets. Lenny Lefkowitz, another one of the guys, goes on to be sales manager of the New York Post. A regular working job, he sells advertising. I'm at a Met game now, and Herbie was with me, and we're up in Fred Wilpon's box, watching the Mets play. And we look down, and there's Lenny. Haven't seen him in 20 years. Lenny's walking with a couple of guys. Lenny looks up and he waves. And Fred Wilpon leaned out of the box and just yelled, "Lenny! Lenny! You paid?! You paid?!" He was mad, he's banging his fist. "You don't pay, Lenny! I own this team!" And the whole -- "I own this team! You don't pay!"
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Mike Krzyzewski

Collegiate Basketball Champion

Mike Krzyzewski: The person who has inspired me my whole life is my Mom, because she taught me commitment. She sacrificed. We weren't dirt poor, but we weren't real rich or anything. I would always have what I needed, and when I looked in her closet, she would have two dresses. She taught me to be outside of yourself, to get outside of yourself, and to be committed to somebody. That's the same thing that I try to teach.
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Mike Krzyzewski

Collegiate Basketball Champion

Mike Krzyzewski: Both sets of grandparents were born in Poland. There was no way that they could have foreseen. No way my mother -- when I used to come back to Chicago in recruiting, I'd always stay with my mother. My Dad passed away when I was a senior at West Point. I'd come back, and we'd already been on TV, and she would just be sitting there late at night, and she'd say, "Mike, how is it you?" And she wasn't knocking me, it was just that our group of people weren't supposed to be able to do that. I would always tell her, I said, "Ma, because of you." I said, "You made me good enough, where I can do this. You made enough sacrifices to put me with people who would help train me to do this. It's because of you." And I hope that whatever I do, I can do that for my kids.
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