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Michael Eisner

Entertainment Executive

Michael Eisner: When I speak, I speak a lot about the creation of the American intellectual product. There is no question that the reason that it is the most successful export from the United States -- in all areas, whether it's literature, fine arts, architecture, movies, television -- is, to me, the democratic process. We never think about what the government thinks. We made Reds. We made a movie about Golda Meir. We've made many, many movies that you would think somebody would say, "What does the government think?" We never think about what the government thinks. The point I'm making is, you just don't care. And it's one of the few countries in the world where you do not care. And we do take it for granted, which is healthy. You should always take good things for granted, good parents for granted, good children for granted. But you have to understand, it has to be protected. And our system of government, the system that precludes tyranny also includes the ability to be creative and therefore for me, the American experience is the right to express myself.
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Mohamed ElBaradei

Nobel Prize for Peace

Mohamed ElBaradei: I have very much a concept of an American Dream. An American Dream meaning to be free, to be able to achieve what you want to do, to have an environment within which you can excel. I have always been an admirer of the American Dream. We grew up admiring the freedom you have in the U.S., the equality, the egalitarian system you have in the U.S. And I hope, with all the restrictions that we have seen after 9/11 that we will someday go back where the U.S. American Dream will be the way I saw it when I was growing up here in the '60s. It's a model that might not be replicated 100 percent everywhere else, but the basic element of the American dream is the future for humanity.
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Gertrude Elion

Nobel Prize in Medicine

Gertrude Elion: I think I'm most proud of the fact that so many of the drugs have really been useful in saving lives. I've run into people whose lives have been saved, and the kind of satisfaction that you get from having someone come up and say, "My child had acute leukemia and your drug saved him." Or, "My little girl had herpes encephalitis, and she is now cured, she is back at school. She is doing very well. People told me that she might be mentally affected, but she is not." I run into people who have had kidney transplants for 20 years who are still taking the drug. And I don't think that anything else that happens to you can match that type of satisfaction.
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