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Steve Case

Co-Founder, America Online

Steve Case: I think it's really about hope and optimism and possibility. I think a great example -- because we happen to be talking when Ronald Reagan passed away, and this has been a week celebrating his life. I think he is the prototypical example of the American dream. Somebody who came up from modest beginnings, had a certain perspective on life and was an actor, when people didn't necessarily think he could act or that he should act, and then moved from that into a position of leadership in the Motion Picture Association, and then decided to move into politics as governor and then president. I think most people would have to say -- whether you liked his politics or didn't -- that he in his 93 years on earth lived an extraordinary life and really is an example of the boundless possibilities and optimism of America.
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Steve Case

Co-Founder, America Online

I find it interesting that in America, even though most people are more optimistic and most people around the world do view America as the city on the hill and more entrepreneurial and more risk taking and less traditional, still in America most people don't take risks, and most people are pretty traditional. It's actually a relatively small number of people that really are those risk takers, and a relatively small number of people that end up really having an impact on the world, and it doesn't take a lot of people. It just takes a few people who really care and stick with it, and that I think is what America is about. I think that's one of the things that's great really about The American Academy of Achievement, really shining a spotlight on that notion that anything is possible, but it starts with somebody having a dream and sticking with that through thick and thin.
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Dale Chihuly

Master Glass Artist

Dale Chihuly: I've never thought about what the American Dream was, but I guess I would say that it's being able to pursue whatever you want to do. For me it's being able to do what you want to do and survive. For somebody else I suppose it could mean having an income, but who would want to have an income from something you didn't want to do? I guess you might if you were in a place where you couldn't have that, but the American Dream to me is pursuing whatever you want to do and finding a way to be successful at doing it.
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Tom Clancy

Best-Selling Author

The basic strength of any society, in military terms, stems from a country's economy. The better the economy, the more things get turned out and better are the things it can turn out. The strength of an economy comes from the individual minds of the citizens of that country. What we have demonstrated in the last 200 years in America is, if you maximize the freedom for each individual mind -- you maximize the choices a person can make, you maximize the reward a person gets for coming up and implementing a good idea -- the stronger the economy becomes. The whole thing begins with a free individual making a free choice to live his or her life in whichever way the person chooses to live it. Everything else grows out of that.
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