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Robert Schuller

Crystal Cathedral

I'm sick and tired of this country being divided left and right, conservative and liberal, communist, pro-communist and anti-communist. I've lived my whole life that way. I'm 70 years old. And by God, now it's time for a President who can bring us together. I don't care what party he belongs to.
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Norman Schwarzkopf

Commander, Operation Desert Storm

Norman Schwarzkopf: Trust yourself. Life is worth living. Life is worth living and life should be lived. There's more good out there than there is evil. Man is basically good. Mankind is basically good. I guess 30 years from now you'd say "personkind." I don't know. What I'm saying is, people are good. People are great. Enjoy them, and enjoy your life. And again, it's the point I would make to any young people, it's what I talk about with my children. People should dare to be themselves. Don't be something because somebody else tells you that's what you should be. Don't be a brain surgeon if you want to be an artist. You'll never make any money as an artist, you could make a fortune as a brain surgeon. But don't be a brain surgeon to make money. If you want to be a brain surgeon because you're really interested in saving people's lives, that's a reason to be a brain surgeon. Most of all, be yourself. Dare to be yourself. Take your God-given talent and use it the way you feel you should use it. Don't let anybody steer you down the path of, this way you get more money; this way you get more prestige; this way you get more success because I've seen so many people in my lifetime who burn out. They get all of these things that they originally strive for, and then there isn't anything else. So, what do I do now? Because the one thing they don't have is it's not here. It's not in their heart. They don't have self fulfillment. They don't feel good about themselves. They don't feel satisfied because they measure their lives in terms of the next promotion, or the next award, or the next pay raise, or whatever it is. And one of these days, all that's over with.
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John Sexton

Education & Law

John Sexton: I grew up at the beach in Brooklyn. So this is an unadorned carefully honed Brooklyn accent. And notwithstanding the fact that my dad was a professional, and my mother had gone to college and graduate school -- she came from a very odd family background. There were six children. My grandparents -- my maternal grandparents ran a grocery store, and there were three girls and then three boys. And the three girls, for a reason that has never been explained to me, all went to college and graduate school and the three boys didn't. They stopped their education at or before high school graduation.
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John Sexton

Education & Law

I would hope that the American Dream, increasingly, will become not a dream that is self-serving, but is a dream that can lose the adjective "American." Okay? Because what is the dream? And there will be an embrace of the other. I think -- my great teacher said to me this great maxim -- another musical metaphor -- play another octave of the piano. I think Americans, especially, have to become more acutely aware of the need to be humble, the need to listen, the need to embrace the other. And I think that there will be a transformation, gradually, if things work out as I hope they will, to different kinds of satisfactions that aren't so tied up with the material satisfactions. This connects to the life of a teacher, again. And, you know, when we get to a world where people can understand that it's a more fulfilling life to be a teacher than to be an investment banker, then maybe we'll be closer to a world where we can understand better that the American Dream should be a dream that raises the standard of living in Delhi, and that there's nothing wrong with that.
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