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Ford's Theatre Center for Education & Leadership

View a short video featuring Academy members on the new Ford's Theatre Center for Education and Leadership.

More than a hundred years after the April 14, 1865, assassination of President Lincoln, Ford's Theatre is one of the most visited sites in the nation's capital. Ford's Theatre captivates visitors because of its unique place in United States history, and its mission to celebrate the legacy of Abraham Lincoln and explore the American experience through theater and education.

Since 2006, Wayne R. Reynolds -- Chairman and CEO of the Academy of Achievement -- has also served as Chairman of the Ford's Theatre Society. In that time, the society has raised $55 million to renovate and restore the historic theater, and to support a series of educational initiatives highlighting Abraham's Lincoln's life, presidency and lessons of leadership. In the new Center for Education and Leadership, visitors can rediscover the American president against whom all others are measured, and explore the lasting impact of the Lincoln presidency.

Ford's Theater Center for Education and Leadership

In the new Ford's Theatre Center for Education and Leadership, a tower of books -- built of some of the thousands that have been written about the 16th President -- illustrates the lasting impact of Lincoln's's life and leadership.