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Herschel Walker
Herschel Walker
Profile of Herschel Walker Biography of Herschel Walker Interview with Herschel Walker Herschel Walker Photo Gallery

Herschel Walker Interview (page: 6 / 8)

All-American Football Player

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  Herschel Walker

In all the things that you have done, what gives you the most satisfaction?

Herschel Walker Interview Photo
Herschel Walker: Of all the things I've ever done, I think getting married. The reason I say that is, I was a person that was always by myself a lot. I think getting married gave me a best friend. It gave me a person that, she may not know all of Herschel, but she knows me better than anyone else. They always say you want to marry someone like your mother, and I don't want to say that my wife is like my mother, but you know, my mother knows me, but then my mother says she doesn't know me. My wife says she knows me and then she says she doesn't. It gave me a best friend, and someone that I can rely on, and I can act silly sometimes, and they are not going to judge me on that act. People sometimes judge you, but you have a right to be free a little bit. You have a right just to laugh and act up, as long as it's not in a bad way.

You say you don't read the sports pages but, growing up as an athlete, you've had to take criticism. You've been judged in one way or another. How do you deal with that?

Herschel Walker Interview Photo
Herschel Walker: You can't satisfy everybody. Growing up, I knew you can never satisfy everybody, so I'm not going to try to satisfy everybody. I am going to go out and do the very best athletically on the field that I can for my teammates, my friends, for me. But you know, if someone don't like it, I can't do anything else. When we try to satisfy everybody, you can't satisfy everybody. That's tough to do, and if you do it once, you're going to be doing it all your life. I think I started out early not doing it, and I think today I am able to. Everyone else hated criticism; I can let it run off my back. Because if someone is criticizing, he's not doing what he's supposed to do. If we are running a race, and he's thinking "Herschel is running with his knee not in the correct way," sooner or later, Herschel is going to be easing up in front of him, because he is not concentrating on what he is supposed to do. Not speaking of the movie critics, because they criticize so many movies, but a lot of the movies they criticize, I like. Who says that they are the people who decide? That's the way I look at life.

What it is like to be out there, on the field, before a full stadium, carrying the football?

For me it is exciting. I don't get nervous. Knock on wood. I don't get nervous before a game, I get excited because this is an opportunity for me to go out there and show what the Lord has done for me. I'm so excited that the Lord has given me this ability, I'm so excited just to go out there, to put on those shoulder pads, put that helmet on, and then go out there and go with it. It's funny because it's not in my nature. I'm more low keyed, but when I get ready to perform, I don't care if there is no one in the stands. I want to go out there and play, because I am ready to go out there and get better. It's like a high. When you are running the ball sometimes, you can't even see behind you but you can feel a person there. It's so wild when you can just feel things, you don't even have to see it. You get the ball, and everything opens up for you. You can tell where everyone is at. Everything is so slow, but yet, you see it on film, it happened so quick. You can tell how many cleats this guy had on his shoes, but yet, it's so quick you don't know how in the world you counted it. You can see this guy coming to tackle, you can see his eyes. You have time to even say what he's thinking. Sometimes the guy is saying, "Oh, geez. How am I going to tackle this guy?" Whether I'm going to hit him at the legs, or try to jump on him and hold him until this...? You can see all this, but yet you see it on film, and it all happened so quick. So, it's like a real big high for me.

[ Key to Success ] Passion

Are you ever afraid out there?

Herschel Walker: No. I'm not, because there is nothing they can do to me. What's an injury? Everyone gets hurt. So there is nothing they can do to me.

Is there any moment in your athletic career that stands out for you?

Herschel Walker: All of it means a great deal to me. And now it's hard to say because all of it means so much. I don't think I put one over the other, and this is for all the 15 years.

Everything should be looked at in a positive way. Whether it was something bad that happening in your life, but it helped you to get better. Sometimes your parents say don't touch that, it's hot. But if you never touch it, you're never going to know. So even though that was a negative response, it made a positive response in your mind because now you know not to touch it anymore. Mistakes should be taken as a training tool to help you to get better. I lost a brother, and I was so mad at God, I was mad at everyone, but yet, it helped me to understand God a little bit more, because God is never going to give me a burden I can't handle. And yet, I was being selfish. "Herschel, you are being selfish. God is going to take care of your brother better than you could have done if he was here." I was being selfish. So, that negative response came out to be positive because now I know God a little bit more. I know that "Herschel, you were selfish." Now I know how to react on the next go-round.

[ Key to Success ] Preparation

What's been your biggest disappointment?

Herschel Walker: My biggest disappointment. Sports or personal? In sports, I haven't won a Super Bowl. but personally, my biggest disappointment?

Do you have any regrets, anything you wish you could do over?

Herschel Walker: No, I don't. Because if I change any little bit of my life, my whole life, I think, will be altered, and I like it just the way it is right now.

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