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Barry Marshall
Barry Marshall
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Barry Marshall Interview (page: 8 / 8)

Nobel Prize in Medicine

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  Barry Marshall

Are there ever any moments where you think, there's something totally unrelated that I'd love to do?

Barry Marshall: Well, basically I'd like to be Mick Jagger. But since I can't be Mick Jagger -- you know. Obviously there are things like that that I would like to do.

One of the things my wife says is that she actually has five children. She's got the four children and me, and that I never grew up. A lot of doctors seem to be in this category, in that they have always got this childish curiosity, and they go into med school because they can't face life, and they know it will be seven years before they actually have to make a real life decision. And then if you stay in medicine and train further for a specialty, you can postpone this real life event, if you like. And then if you can go into research... Well, actually you never have to finish. I think that's the ideal choice.

[ Key to Success ] Passion

But I have other interests. I'm very interested in computers, information. I've always had that as a hobby. I have a research foundation and a helicobacter web site where you can see pictures of helicobacters and people from America Online can send me e-mails night and day. So it gets a big hectic at times, but it's a lot of fun.

Do you think you've got a lock on the Nobel Prize?

Barry Marshall: If I say that, that's one sure way of not getting it. So I've just canceled that off the agenda.

Does it matter?

Barry Marshall: No. I'd have to say that really the pinnacle of anything I ever received was the Lasker Prize. This is very, very close, this weekend here at Jackson Hole. It's amazing the people that I've met here. But the Lasker, there were about 100 Nobel laureates at the ceremony. The fellow who won it at the same time with me was Dr. Peter Doherty and Rolf Zinkernagel, who won the Nobel Prize the year after they won the Lasker. If I never win any more prizes I'll be perfectly happy. I've far exceeded anything that I would have expected out of my research career.

I'm not all that young now, and my kids are partially grown up, but I've got these years ahead of me and so what am I going to do to top this? Well, I think I'd get a lot of satisfaction out of being useful and creating some jobs and training new scientists, and being a positive influence on people who might be interested in getting into medical research. They are concerned, you know. "Everything's already been discovered. There's no hope for me." And I'd just like to say, "It's so wide open and so wonderful at the moment with all this biotechnology going on." I can see that in the future everybody will be a lot healthier and happier, because of the things that are happening now, in my lifetime.

[ Key to Success ] Vision

Thank you so much, Dr. Marshall. It's been a real pleasure talking with you.

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