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Achievement Curriculum: Module 2: Student Handout

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Module II: Poetry and the World Around You

Pre-Viewing Activity: Student Handout
Before viewing the video segment, consider these questions:
   1. How much are poets influenced by where they live?
   2. What does the word landscape mean? What kind of landscape do you see every day?
   3. Do only beautiful landscapes influence poets? Why? Why not?
   4. What is the difference between an inner landscape and an outer landscape? How might both influence a poet's writing?

Landscape Brainstorm
A poet's outer landscape might include things like crowded cities, white-water rivers, red rock arches, vast flat plains, or farmland. A poet's inner landscape contains the thoughts, experiences, and feelings that make up who they are. It could include things like a fear of heights, a need to be alone to feel calm, the loss of a favorite grandparent, or the drive to achieve. Think about your own inner and outer landscape and make a quick brainstorm list of elements for both. Circle the ones you believe could most influence your creative writing.

Outer Landscape

Inner Landscape



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