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Achievement Curriculum: Module 2: Student Handout

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Module II: Honesty and Values

Curriculum Connections: Student Handout

Select one the projects below to further explore how honesty and values affect advocacy. Each project will require you to:

  • Research a topic or idea that will take you deeper into what it means to be an advocate.
  • Plan or design something that allows you to communicate your new knowledge and understanding of advocacy to others.
  • Share your work through the presentation or display of the finished product.

Project #1:People and Places
Curriculum Focus: Social Studies/Geography

Challenge: Brainstorm a list of at least five famous advocates who have exhibited a courageous dedication to honesty. Create a chart that lists the person, place, event, and time period when their acts of honesty made an important difference.
Outcome: From your chart, select one person to highlight in a short magazine article/spread about honesty and courage.

Project #2: Elie Wiesel Timeline
Curriculum Focus: History/Literature

Elie Wiesel
Nobel Prize for Peace

Therefore, all my adult life, since I began my life as an author, or as a teacher, I always try to listen to the victim. In other words, if I remain silent, I may help my own soul but, because I do not help other people, I poison my soul. Silence never helps the victim. It only helps the victimizer. Faith? I think of the killer and I lose all faith. But then I think of the victim and I am inundated with compassion.

[ Interview ] Elie Wiesel

Challenge: Elie Wiesel is a writer, a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, and an advocate against oppression. Using the American Academy of Achievement Hall of Public Service as a start, research Mr. Wiesel's life and times.
Outcome: Develop an annotated timeline that describes the events and achievements of Elie Wiesel's life and work.

Project #3: On the Air: A Radio Editorial on Honesty
Curriculum Focus: Persuasive Writing

Challenge: Select an issue about the value of honesty that affects your life. Brainstorm, survey other students, and draft your ideas. Write an effective persuasive editorial that could be aired on the radio to convince others of your point of view.
Outcome: Write a persuasive editorial for a radio broadcast that presents your ideas about the value of honesty. Record your editorial on tape and play it for the class.

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